Three Japanese sayings


I hope you guys are having a nice, beautiful Saturday.

In today’s post, I want to share three Japanese sayings that I’ve came across and really liked them then wanted to share them with you guys. I’ve added photos that relates with the sayings to make them more rememberable.

I believe that you will also like them and even want to use after learning 🙂

Leave a heart before leaving if you like the sayings. Enjoy!


Aerial Shot of Green Milling Tractor


“One’s act, one’s profit.”

Equivalent to “you reap what you sow,” this one rings way more timelessly as few are sowing these days.


Woman Holding Pink Petaled Flower


“Not seeing is a flower.”

I love the fact that the Japanese use “flower” to describe imagination, beauty, and sometimes pointlessness. In this case, “reality cannot compete with imagination.”


Green Leafy Plant Starting to Grow on Beige Racks


“Wake from death and return to life.”

Meaning “to turn a bad or desperate situation into a success,” this truly underscores just how dire some bad situations feel sometimes.



Thanks for reading.

Hoping to see you on another post. Peace! ✌️


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