Brake the chain to be happy

Long story short:

Explore the undiscovered lands of yourself


We are going through many things everyday

We lose track, we lose control, we lose focus

We wake up – go back to sleep and repeat

But the question is how happy are we with our life?


Repeating routines are the most boring thing ever

Yes, we like routines but not all routines are good for us

We like them because they are easy, and we are just lazy

It gives us feeling of success but are we really making any progress?


Routines are great to start or try new things

But they are the worst if we are already perfect with something

It gives you the pleasure of doing something but at the end of the day

You didn’t try anything new, nothing interesting, nothing fun


Our brain likes to be challenged

All you have to give yourself little challenges

These challenges can be little things like;

  • Drawing a cat without looking at any picture
  • Brushing your teeth with your left hand
  • Taking a 10-min walk around the sunset time
  • Not using your phone before going to sleep
  • Playing chess online for couple days
  • Watching how to play piano videos
  • Writing a comment to this post


These are just couple of challenges that I just thought about, but you can write your own list. Which I think can be much better for you. Even writing down challenging things can be another challenging exercise for you 🙂


I hope you enjoyed this post, please let me know your thoughts below.


















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