Tell me something you still want to get back, even when you feel like you have many of them.

Part 1: Sunrise

We all know that Time is the most valuable thing we have. 

But — is knowing enough?

Do we live like it’s the most valuable thing?

Do we appreciate it enough?

Do we care how we spend it? 

Part 2: Sunset

With our little thoughts, we think: “No time to Die.”

“I have a lot to do.” 

“I am almost there.”

“I still have unchecked boxes.”

“I want to buy x one day.”

In a world where Time itself dies every moment, do we really think that death will wait until we have enough Time? In other words, will wait for us to be ready. 

Part 3: The Darkest Time of the Sky right before the Sunrise

It’s Time for the curtains to reopen and the sun to rise. 

And fill the room with light. With life. With hope.

It’s time to turn the page and write down new words, thoughts, and stories with the knowledge of everything we’ve already written. With the knowledge of becoming the person, we are today.

Without wasting more pixel inks — let me tell why I’ve written, what I’ve written so far.

I wanted to reflect on the moments we live in. And the value of the small things we have today.

I want to end this article with something interactive.

Please share the time you read these lines with a short note on something beautiful, sad, lovely, dramatic, cool, funny, happy, crazy, heartbreaking … or usual happened to you today.

Your words will give a more profound meaning to this article. More importantly, it will provide deeper meaning to time.

Thank you,

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