The myth of the “Real JavaScript Developer” – Brenna O’Brien

Hello, I will give a brief introduction about myself and then share my notes about Brenna O’Brien’s talk.

I am a software engineering student that wants to be successful web designer. I am also strongly interested in Ui/Ux design. I started to learn JavaScript to achieve my goal. After passing some baby steps and start to understand the basics of JavaScript, I started to watch speeches that are related to JavaScript and Web Development. And Brenna O’Brien’s talk is one of them while I was walking through the YouTube videos. I really enjoyed the talk and I took some notes while watching her presentation. In my blog post I want to share my notes, I hope they are going to be useful notes for you too.

Brenna O’Brien, she is currently front-end engineer at TED. In her presentation, she gave a lot of sentences that are like the core values of a real developer. She shared what to do or not to do. People always focus what they have to be a good developer, but Brenna O’Brien also shared the “not to do’s” for becoming a real developer according to her experience. Overall, I can tell that her presentation was very meritorious.

My notes in short sentences:

  • “I need to know everything” is a wrong idea
  • The front-end spectrum;

    I took this spectrum from Jeff Pelletier’s post in Medium. The link is below.
  • You will be master of nothing at the end, if you try to learn every tool that is out there
  • Use new and shiny products when it really solves your “problem”
  • Do not memorize things that are easy to access, especially if you are good at using Google Search
  • Memorization will happen by itself when you use it many times
  • Real developers use resources wisely
  • Your peers are also good resource
  • Software is soft, don’t be afraid to write codes and make mistakes


    Thomas Edison: “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”

  • Real developers learn from mistakes
  • Real developers know how to debug
  • Show your work, warts and all
  • Share your work and get ideas from different people
  • Celebrate Success!
  • Real developers encourage each other
  • Real developers think outside of the browser
  • Real developers are resourceful, accepting, and creative
I took this image from Amy Wibow’s article in Quartz. The link is below.

Amy Wibow: “Technology-inspired technology gives us incremental improvements. Art-inspired technology gives us brand new ideas.”

If you liked my post, share your comments with me. Thank you,

Jeff Pelletier’s nice post from Medium:                                                        
Amy Wibow’s beautiful article from Quartz:                                                                  

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