Color Guess Game with JS


In my journey of learning new things, I have started to learn JavaScript. I want to be a Ux/Ui Designer, which means User Experience and User Interface Designer. I liked this field because it was a combination of coding and designing and of course thinking. A Ux/Ui designers are the people that are trying to give you the best experience while using a app that you’ve downloaded from Apple Store or a news website that you are visitng every morning. Shortly, Ux/Ui designers’ goal is to engage you with the application you are using. This isn’t our topic for today, but I am planning to write about it one day.

While learning JavaScript I have decided to make a “Color Guessing Game”, so that I can practice what I have learned until now and of course to play it when I get bored 🙂

Firstly, let me tell you that JavaScript is one of the programming languages that we are using it to make the web pages more interactive, so that user can enjoy it. You will ask me what is the difference between Java and JavaScript, they are completely different languages. The story behind this similarity comes from; when they were naming (JavaScript) they wanted to get the attention of Java programmers, think of it as a marketing strategy of the language. JavaScript’s first name was Mocha and after Mocha, they renamed it as LiveScript and then as you know as JavaScript.

Secondly, JavaScript has the power to change the HTML and CSS of a website. We need this change so that the website can be more interactive. Think that there is a button of the website and when you press it the background color of the website changes. This is a very basic example for how to use JavaScript with HTML and CSS.


Let’s talk about the game;

Our code goes between hello, I feel like I am in a hamburger and the script hamburger goes between <body>..</body>. It is better to put it at the end of the body so that it loads after the website loads, otherwise our website will look slow.


  1. I have defined an array called “colors” with the color elements.
  2. I have defined Math.random to get a random number which return a number between 0 and 1, in other way [0,1). And then I multiplied it with the length of the array so that the range become [0,10). To find the length of the colors array I used colors.length. at the end that I used Math.floor to floor the random number because it will return a float number, such as 2,322232. Math.floor(2,322232) will convert this number to 2.
  3. Then I assigned the colors[randomNum] to a variable called chosen. Now in our chosen box we are carrying a random color from the colors array.
  4. prompt(“asdasda?”); is asking the user something and want the user to enter an input. And I assigned that input to guessed. This will be color that the user will guess.prompt

5. Then with colors.indexOf(guessed) , we can find the box number of the guessed element from the colors array. You can think of box number as index of it, but don’t forget that in array box numbering starts with zero not one.


6.  Here we have a while loop, it will run while the guessed and the chosen colors are not same and when the while the guessed color is in the array that we listed the colors. the statement guessedIndex != chosenIndex and  guessedIndex > -1, both has to be true to make the statement true. It comes from true table, Boolean algebra. If any of them is false, the statement will be false, and the while loop will not work.

7. In the while loop we have if-else statement to check the guessed colors alphabetical order is lower or higher than the chosen color. This way, the player will find the color easily, and more interactive. askAgainBig() and askAgainSmall() are function that will run according to the input that user gives.


8. Here are the functions; askAgainBig() function will run when the input color’s alphabetical order is lower then the chosen color, so it asks the user to input another color that’s alphabatical order is higher (the first letter of the color). askAgainSmall() will run if the case is inverse of the above case. And the last function which is bgColor(color) runs when the true color is guessed and turns the background of the website into that color. This function runs when the game is won.


That’s all, here is the overall look to the code. I hope you enjoyed the article. You can try a similar one if you are interested in writing JavaScript and web development, even if not you can try and play the game with your friends. I will try to write more posts about my learning process and share my knowledge with you.

Looking forward to see you again,

Thank you,




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