Rice University Trip

Happy Sunday!!

As our photography club, yesterday we made a trip to Rice University. It was so fun!

In this post, I want to give some facts about Rice, and then I will share some of the photos that I’ve taken throughout our trip. Enjoy!

Rice is a comprehensive research university that fosters diversity and an intellectual environment that produces the next generation of leaders and advances tomorrow’s thinking.


rice uni logo ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Rice University Logo


Two Rice traditions

Rice Colors: Blue and Gray

In 1912, Rice’s first president, Edgar Odell Lovett, chose as the school colors “a blue still deeper than the Oxford blue” and “the Confederate gray, enlivened by a tinge of lavender.” It has been suggested that blue and gray were chosen in recognition of the fact that Rice’s founder amassed much of the fortune that formed the initial endowment of the Rice Institute by trading with both the North and the South during the Civil War.

Rice Mascot: Owl

When athletic activities began at the Rice Institute in 1912, the teams adopted as their mascot the owl from the Rice seal. Over the years, Rice’s various mascots have included students dressed in owl costumes, live Great Horned Owls, and large owl statues of fiberglass and of canvas, the latter being particularly famous in Rice lore.

History of Rice

On May 18, 1891, Massachusetts-born businessman William Marsh Rice chartered the William Marsh Rice Institute for the Advancement of Literature, Science, and Art as a gift to the city of Houston, where he made his fortune. The terms of the charter required that work on the new institute would begin only after Rice’s death.

After some quick facts about Rice University, it’s time to share some photos from our trip.



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Sources and Good Links:

Rice Traditions

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  1. That was a great blog. I didn’t know about Rice’s history. But, I only see 1 photo in the end. Should there be more?


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