Apple Special Event – iPad Pro

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In today’s post I would like to write about technology. Since today is Tuesday, I want to make it TechTuesday with this post. If you want read more tech Tuesday post please let me know. 🙂

Just two weeks ago today, Apple has announced some great toys at their Special October event. The event took place in Brooklyn Academy of Music, Howard Gilman Opera House.

Designed and built at the turn of the twentieth century by architects Herts and Tallant (who were also responsible for the Lyceum and New Amsterdam Theatres), this elegant performance venue has hosted rentals by some of the world’s most prestigious artists, including Adele, Rufus Wainwright, Sarah Silverman, New York City Opera, American Ballet Theatre, and Feist.


Four main announcement were made by Apple at the October Event; which can be listed as iPad Pro, MacBook Air, Mac mini and Today at Apple.

I want to make one post for each, and in each post I will share my thoughts about the product and share the official video on the product. From four of them, I am especially excited to talk about ‘Today at Apple’.

For this post, I will talk about the new iPad Pro.


iPad Pro (2018)

Let’s start with the new iPad Pro. The previous versions of iPad Pros were already beyond the tablet industry, and now with this new upgrade they are opening the gap and showing us what can a tablet can do. Did you know that this new iPad Pro is faster than many computers out there? You will ask the question; can it replace laptops ? This is one of the most popular question that everyone is wondering. Well, for this question there can be many answers; especially depending on what does laptop mean to you. Long answer short, I can say that you can do most of the stuff that you do on laptops with the new iPad Pro.

Instead of writing more about the specs and prices etc. I will share the official video of iPad Pro by Apple. If you want to know more about the specs, check this link. I will also share two of my favorite general reviews made by Dave Lee and Jonathan Morrison. Enjoy!

Official Video


“iPad Pro 2018 – SUPER Fast, But Why?”


“2018 iPad Pro Day One Review!”


Do you think iPad Pro can replace a laptop?

Please leave your thoughts in comments section.


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