Happy New Year – 2019

*Happy New Year! (the term happy depends on you)

This is going to be my first post of 2019.

Wait, actually if you are reading these line, it has already became my first post of 2019.

Anyways, I hope your first week was great.

If it wasn’t don’t worry, you still have 51 weeks on the way, to make one of them great. 😉

Yes, one year is about 52 weeks, and one week is about 7 days and one day is about 24 hours, and one hour is about 60 minutes, and one minute is about 60 seconds, and …

We are living a life with these ‘a-b-o-u-t’s and almost never having an exact answer, like the ones we have in mathematics (maybe we are just feeling we are getting exact answer but they may not be).

Mathematics is everywhere we look, but it’s not about everywhere it’s about us, the way we look, the way we see. If we want to see math everywhere we will see it, if we want to see physics we will, even if we want to see happiness in the things we look, believe me we will see happiness.

I can see that you are like, ‘how did we come from 51 weeks to seeing happiness anywhere we look?’

Seems like an unrelated, irregular question, very extraneous. right ?

But actually when you think how you were starting a new year and watching how it ends, or when you look how a day starts and ends; in reality we always ask this question to ourselves ‘How did we start a (year/week/day/hour) and seeing how it ends, then we start to ask how to see happiness wherever we look?’

Let me tell you this;

One day, you will see all those weeks, years has passed and there is nothing you can do about them. It will be very similar with the feeling of seeing how the first week of 2019 passed.

Long story short,

Time flies, and it flies super fast. Fast as your imagination.

But don’t worry, this also means that your imagination can also fly fast as time.



“Just Imagine”






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