First Week in Chicago

In this post, I would write what has changed in last week.

I got graduated from university in December. I got a bachelor science degree in computer science and a minor in math education.

Four years has passed so fast, the day I was in my first class still feels like yesterday (It really does).

So, I got couple job offers, it was hard to choose one of them because your decision will change your future. It will be a big step in your career. One of the offers was from a company in Chicago and other ones were from Texas.

I lived in Texas since 2014, I had many great friendships and many memories. I am hoping to visit Texas time to time, to meet my friends and drink cup of coffee at my favorite coffee shops (which I already missed).

After a week of brainstorming, I accepted the offer and moved to Chicago.

It was going to be hard but life is all about challenges we face; and after each challenge we feel stronger and stronger.

On my way to Chicago, I felt like sailing to new adventures on a little ship, leaving the harbor behind. The ocean was huge and I was small. Small as a splash in the ocean. But if a splash knows it’s power, it can be in power of a lake, or a sea, even in power of an ocean. It’s about how you feel and how powerful you believe.

It has been about one week in Chicago.

Already had many adventures, some at work, some in general.

For example, there was a snowstorm today, it was snowing all day and the wind was blowing in 40 km/hr. Isn’t this insane ?

Overall, my first week went nice, meeting with staff and making new friends. Enjoying a hot coffee in a snowy. Seeing Dunkin’ Donut stores almost in every street, by the way I really like their coffee and donuts. Driving to work half an hour, through many red lights and cars. Also the roads are very old here, many intrusions on the way.

This was all for the first week, hoping to write more about my experiences and thoughts here in Chicago. Hoping to see you in the next blog post, follow my blog if you enjoy reading these lines.


A new story begins on a snowy day..




2 responses to “First Week in Chicago”

  1. Hey Behic!

    Congrats on the job in Chicago, I bet the snow is a wild experience. It can get very wild up north especially near the lakes. Cant wait to hear more about your adventures in Chicago and the new job! Congrats again and keep in touch man!!

    ~Kailean H.

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    • Hey Kailean,
      Thanks a lot man! Yeah, you are very right about the wild experience. It’s been one week and still couldn’t get used to the cold. We even had a snowstorm last weekend, the tires were under the snow. xD
      Nice to hear from you, sure let’s keep in touch!

      Thanks, 😊


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