life is very complicated..

thinking about the words to start with while glancing out from the coffee shop window

people were walking, talking, drinking, passing by

some with their families, some with friends, some with puppies

and some with their themselves

the sun was shining on their faces from the east, they were walking to west

their shadows were following them, their long shady shadows

there were kids hanging with other kids, an ice cream in their hands

there were fathers walking lazily, a stroller in front of them

there were mothers wearing sunglasses, a bag under their shoulders

the shadows were getting longer and longer

and the sky, colored with shades of scarlet and purple

an old lady on a chair in front of the store, grabbing a bite while watching the people

an old man sitting on the sidewalk, a little cute baby granddaughter between his arms

the shadows are getting more invisible

and stars are getting more visible


life is complicated..

sometimes it can feel close as a shadow, and sometimes far as the stars








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