Stop sharing “stories”

In this century it is very but very hard to find happiness and joy. It may look like everyone is happy from outside but when you get closer to them, you will see that nothing is as seen from outside.

There is a nice saying by Erik Pevernagie; “The grass always seems greener on the other side of the fence.” This saying may not be the perfect one for this context, but I wanted to connect it with how people always think that others are always happier than them. If everyone is happier than you, and if everyone thinks like this, this can means two thing; either no one is sad on this planet or everyone is happy?!

There is no life behind the screens, behind the pixels we watching everyday. The life is behind the windows, behind the curtains that we don’t even open in the morning to see the sun. The happiness we are searching is under our shoes, and sometimes beyond the clouds. We need to get out and explore, the time goes so fast, so start today, or even now!! Stop reading these lines, and put your shoes and walk for ten minutes and come back. I can promise that what you just did, felt so good.

Stop sharing Instagram stories every day, every hour!! Instead start writing “real stories” and try seeking joy.

There are many things to learn, many things to write, and many things dream..



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