3 Simple Tricks That Will Help You Read More Books in 2021

3 Tricks that will help you read more books in 2021 Lack of time is the main reason people present as a reason why they don't read much. It will take almost a week or two to finish a book if you read only 30 minutes every day. Let me reveal how; The average reading… Continue reading 3 Simple Tricks That Will Help You Read More Books in 2021

3 Things You Can Do to Overcome Procrastination

Are you sure that you don’t have enough time? In this post, I will share some tips I practice to tackle procrastination and achieve more. Achieving more doesn’t always mean working more, in many cases working smart is the key to achieve more in life. The most powerful thing that will continually take you wherever you… Continue reading 3 Things You Can Do to Overcome Procrastination

Stop sharing “stories”

In this century it is very but very hard to find happiness and joy. It may look like everyone is happy from outside but when you get closer to them, you will see that nothing is as seen from outside. There is a nice saying by Erik Pevernagie; “The grass always seems greener on the… Continue reading Stop sharing “stories”