3 Simple Tricks That Will Help You Read More Books in 2021

3 Tricks that will help you read more books in 2021

Lack of time is the main reason people present as a reason why they don’t read much. It will take almost a week or two to finish a book if you read only 30 minutes every day. Let me reveal how; The average reading speed is 200 to 250 words per minute in non-technical material, roughly 2 minutes per page. A book with 200 pages will take a normal person just 7 hours to finish it. If you want to finish a book in a max of two weeks, all you need is 30 minutes of reading time. Doubling that time will cut that two weeks into just one. 

Without any doubt, anyone can get to finish a book every week, fortunately. For this article, I have gathered my 3 most important tricks that will help you to finish a book every week. Let’s review them. 

Read Multiple Books Simultaneously

People get bored easily when reading one book at a time. Therefore, instead of taking a break for an extended period, seek multiple books concurrently. Let me share this with you; sometimes, I pass a topic if I don’t think I need to know it. This happens especially when reading educational and personal growth books. 

The strategy of reading multiple books at the same time can be a little bit difficult, but it’s highly effective. You can follow different books at different times of the day. And make sure to always have a book wherever you go. Carrying a book with you where ever you go will increase the chances that you will read it. Undoubtedly, reading multiple books simultaneously sounds a bit challenging, but this trick actually keeps you more engaged and hooked. 

Reading multiple books simultaneously keeps your thoughts and mind fresh. If you find the “x” book a little boring in the morning, you may start reading another book. And get back to the “x” book sometime later. Choose books that fit your interests. Read a couple of reviews about the book if it’s something you haven’t heard about it before.  

Have a Routine

Having a proper routine will help you to read more without procrastination. Use your free time to read a few pages instead of checking your Snapchat, Facebook, or for something else. This way, you can add an extra couple of moments to your daily reading time; you will admire this when you finish the book earlier than you projected. 

To hold a routine, start doing something else before you start reading. For example, I make myself a coffee before I open the book cover. After the coffee is ready, I am ready to start reading. This way, I enjoy doing both. This is just one way of making yourself ready. You can find more tips online about this. Another powerful trick that will get you in a reading mood is the environment. 

The Right Environment

Now you have a book in your left hand and a cup of fresh coffee in your right hand that implies it’s time to find an ideal environment to start reading. Setting a reading routine needs proper focus and attention. 

For example, if I am reading a novel, I prefer to sit on the sofa or in a comfy chair. And if I am reading a science/education book, I prefer to sit by my study desk where I do most of my studying and learning. This way, I can also take notes easily when I need to.

The right environment trick helped me establish a reading routine and get in the book’s mood. Don’t be afraid of trying different places.

Last Words

You will get surprised by the outcomes of the tricks listed. This list could be longer, but I chose to share my top 3 with you to keep things simple and achievable. I hope you found this article helpful. Please share in the responses section if there is a special trick that you want to share. 


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