10 Signs That Your Cat Loves You

Cats are difficult to understand, and they don’t make their feelings and emotions obvious. So, the question is how to know that your kitten loves you? Cats don’t communicate their feelings like humans. Therefore it’s not easy to understand a cat’s love. This article will share ten signs that will make you realize that your cat likes you. 

Cats are different from dogs. Therefore their way of showing love is also other. But, if you observe any of the following behaviors, it means your cats love you. 

Jenny Dettrick / Getty Images

1. Head-butting Is a Sign of Love

Cats mostly use this behavior to show love for their owners. When cats rub their body parts against you, it’s a sign that they want a good relationship with you. 

2. A Curled Tail Around Your Leg

Like dogs, cats’ tails are also a good indicator of their mood. For example, good hair and a bushy tail are a sign that your cat is worried. On the other hand, a curled tail around your arms or leg signifies that your cat feels confident when she is around you. 

Photo by Crina Doltu from Pexels

3. Biting 

Biting isn’t a delightful behavior, but cats do this to show their affection. In case their sharp teeth hurt you, don’t shout because it can confuse your kitten. You can provide a toy or engage your kitten in a game to stop this behavior. 

4. Cheek Rubbing

 When cats have a good relationship with their owners, they find different ways to show their love. Cheek rubbing is one of them. If your kitten rubs her cheeks against your arm or leg, it means she’s grateful to you. 

Photo by Anel Rossouw from Pexels

5. You See Your Cat’s Tummy 

If your cat shows you its tummy, you’re lucky enough because they offer their tummy to people they trust. If your cat does this, it means she is comfortable around you. 

6. Purring Is Another Positive Sign

Cats only purr for their kittens, but if they’re doing it for you, then it’s an indication that your cat loves your presence around her. Moreover, cats preserve their purrs for people they love. 

7. Brings Favorite Toys and Gifts

When cats want to show their love, they bring toys and gifts for their owners. Unfortunately, these gifts can be their prey, such as mice, bugs, or frogs. It might not make you feel good, but it’s a sign that your cat is safe around you. 

Photo by Samson Andreea from Pexels

8. Eye Contact 

You can’t expect your cat to maintain eye contact with strangers. But your kitten will do this when she’s around you. It shows that she trusts you. When she blinks softly at you, it means she loves you. 

9. Grooming Behaviors

When animals groom each other, it means they love each other. When your kitten licks your hair or ears, it means it trusts you. But, more importantly, this relationship shows that your feline friend cares about you. 

Photo by ROMAN ODINTSOV from Pexels

10. Constantly Follows You

If your cat follows you whatever you do, it means she’s interested in you. For example, she might follow you when you eat, sleep, or go for a walk. It would be best if you appreciated this behavior. 

So, if your cat shows any of these behaviors, it means she trusts and loves you. 



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