The 5 High Demanding Data Science Roles

That you should know about... In this post, I would like to share the top five data science careers that are in high demand these days. Data Science field is growing so fast that it's getting harder to keep track of the new updates and features. Even though new tools and new methods are getting… Continue reading The 5 High Demanding Data Science Roles

Sorting and Subsetting in Python

Hands-on Data Analysis using Pandas Library In this post, we will learn some powerful data analysis techniques using Pandas library. Exploring the dataset is the first key step in data analysis. To have a better understanding of the data there are couple ways to do it. Today, we will cover the two simplest and most… Continue reading Sorting and Subsetting in Python

Cleaning Data in Python (Data Types)

In this post, we will go through some of challenging case that we face when cleaning our data, and how we can solve them using some helpful pandas methods. Data Science is more about understanding the data, and data cleaning is very important part of this process. What makes the data more valuable depends on… Continue reading Cleaning Data in Python (Data Types)

Intro to Python for Data Science

Hello World! Today's post is going to be computer science related. Recently I've started Data Science with Python track at DataCamp. DataCamp offers interactive courses with amazing instructors. All on topics in data science, statistics and machine learning.¬† In this post I will share my notes from the first course of Data Science with Python… Continue reading Intro to Python for Data Science