Convert Your Speech to Text using Python

Convert your speech to text in real-time using your microphone You can read this post on my Medium page as well. Click here for free access. In this post, I will show you how to convert your speech into a text document using Python. In programming words, this process is basically called Speech Recognition. It… Continue reading Convert Your Speech to Text using Python

Building a Speech Recognizer in Python

Convert your audio files into text using Google Cloud Speech API In this post, I will show you how to convert audio files into a text document using Python. Speech recognition is the process of this conversion. It is commonly used in the real world. For example, personal voice assistants such as Google’s Home Mini,… Continue reading Building a Speech Recognizer in Python

Cleaning Data in Python (Data Types)

In this post, we will go through some of challenging case that we face when cleaning our data, and how we can solve them using some helpful pandas methods. Data Science is more about understanding the data, and data cleaning is very important part of this process. What makes the data more valuable depends on… Continue reading Cleaning Data in Python (Data Types)

Extract text from an image using Python

In this post I will show you a cool Python program that will help you extract text from an image and convert to a different language that you prefer and save them as a text document. Make your own OCR (Optical Character Recognition) system by using Python. Programming is fun, let's get started!   First… Continue reading Extract text from an image using Python

The Abc of Programming

Hello, This is the third course of the JavaScript series I've started. If you have missed them, you can check them "Introduction to JavaScript" and "HTML and CSS: A quick refresher" courses. In this course, we will cover the basics of programming. Basically we will answer the following questions: What is script? How do computers… Continue reading The Abc of Programming

HTML & CSS: A Quick Refresher

Hello and welcome to the second lesson of the Learning JavaScript series. This post will be short and simple, a quick refresher of HTML and CSS. In the next post we will get started with Basics of JavaScript. If you missed it, here is the Introduction to JavaScript lesson. Before looking at JavaScript, let’s clarify… Continue reading HTML & CSS: A Quick Refresher

Introduction to JavaScript

Hello!! I hope you are doing well and staying at home.   Dear reader, this is gonna be a coding related post. This is just an introduction post, I am planning to continue this JavaScript coding serie. How did I come up with this idea? Well, I've started a new book called "JavaScript and JQuery,… Continue reading Introduction to JavaScript