5 Top Artificial Intelligence Frameworks for 2021

Artificial Intelligence is the future of the field of computing. And more and more programmers are getting acquainted with this science, seeing the increasing need for Artificial Intelligence technologies. I hope this guide will help you to get inspired and start learning more about this growing field. Here are some statistics: (Reference: https://www.statista.com) Service segment revenue of… Continue reading 5 Top Artificial Intelligence Frameworks for 2021

Python for Art – Blending Two Images using OpenCV

In this article, I will show you how create nice looking custom designs using Python. There are many designing tools out there, but in this project our goal is to create a beautiful design without using those softwares. After working on this project, you will also have an idea on how to work with OpenCV… Continue reading Python for Art – Blending Two Images using OpenCV

Building an Audio Downloader using Python

In this post, I will show you how to build a program that can download the audio file of a YouTube video. This will be a very simple project to get started with Python. Things you can do with Python is infinite, and that what makes Python a very powerful programming language. In my posts,… Continue reading Building an Audio Downloader using Python

Building a Digital Clock with Python

Design a simple python application using the Tkinter package In this post, I will show you how to build and design your digital clock window using python. This is a simple project to get started with Tkinter, which is a built-in package that comes with Python. Tkinter is basically a graphical user interface package. It… Continue reading Building a Digital Clock with Python

Rendering Text on Video using Python

Hands-on machine learning exercise using moviePy library Read This Article on Medium In this post, I will show you how to add text to your videos using Python. It may sound very difficult at first glance, but trust me it’s much easier than you think, and also it’s cool. This will be a simple exercise… Continue reading Rendering Text on Video using Python

Building a Cat Face Recognizer in Python

How to detect the difference between human and cat faces? In this post, I will show you how to write a simple program that detects cat faces. In a previous most, I showed how to detect human faces using Python. When I was testing the code with many images, I realized that there were animals… Continue reading Building a Cat Face Recognizer in Python

Sorting and Subsetting in Python

Hands-on Data Analysis using Pandas Library In this post, we will learn some powerful data analysis techniques using Pandas library. Exploring the dataset is the first key step in data analysis. To have a better understanding of the data there are couple ways to do it. Today, we will cover the two simplest and most… Continue reading Sorting and Subsetting in Python

5 Free Machine Learning E-Book Resources

In this post, I will share five free machine learning e-book resources with you. It will be a short and simple post. I will introduce you to each resource by giving some basic information about them. I tried to find resources with online access so that anyone from anywhere can have free access to them.… Continue reading 5 Free Machine Learning E-Book Resources