Hands-on Projects to Start Your Journey with Amazon Web Services

Simple & easy to implement AWS projects for your portfolio. Introduction to Amazon Web Services and 5 simple and hands-on projects that you can work on to get started.

Turn Your Photos into Artistic Sketches with Code

Simple Computer Vision Programming Project. How to convert your photos into hand-drawn art pieces using python code. Artificial Intelligence, and OpenCV(Computer Vision Library) in hands-on python projects.

Rendering Responsive Text on Video using Python

In this post, I will show you how to render responsive text on video using Python. We will use the OpenCV python package for the whole project. This may sound a little difficult to do with just OpenCV, which is a computer vision package, but in this project, you will see that it is also good with video editing.

5 Noteworthy Machine Learning Online Courses For Everyone

Enhance your programming journey with these well-prepared machine learning courses https://open.spotify.com/episode/7uewx17TpF4nKKSfFMuGG4?si=EdAvR5JhRiKy_4QUo8cMvA The world of artificial intelligence and machine learning is rapidly developing. And, coupled with development, there is an increase in supply and significance. Trying to work on the growth of digital projects that can obtain information and execute routine tasks through guesses and incidences, Machine Learning… Continue reading 5 Noteworthy Machine Learning Online Courses For Everyone

5 Top Artificial Intelligence Frameworks for 2021

Artificial Intelligence is the future of the field of computing. And more and more programmers are getting acquainted with this science, seeing the increasing need for Artificial Intelligence technologies. I hope this guide will help you to get inspired and start learning more about this growing field. Here are some statistics: (Reference: https://www.statista.com) Service segment revenue of… Continue reading 5 Top Artificial Intelligence Frameworks for 2021