Speech Recognition in Python— The Complete Beginner’s Guide

Simple and hands-on walkthrough  Read this story on Medium for Free Welcome to The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Speech Recognition in Python. In this post, I will walk you through some great hands-on exercises that will help you to have some understanding of speech recognition and use of machine learning. Speech recognition helps us to save… Continue reading Speech Recognition in Python— The Complete Beginner’s Guide

Sorting and Subsetting in Python

Hands-on Data Analysis using Pandas Library In this post, we will learn some powerful data analysis techniques using Pandas library. Exploring the dataset is the first key step in data analysis. To have a better understanding of the data there are couple ways to do it. Today, we will cover the two simplest and most… Continue reading Sorting and Subsetting in Python

Data Cleaning in Python using Regular Expressions

Using string manipulation to clean strings In this post, we will go over some Regex (Regular Expression) techniques that you can use in your data cleaning process. Regex techniques are mostly used while string manipulating. We will get to that in a second. Data Science is more about understanding the data, and data cleaning is… Continue reading Data Cleaning in Python using Regular Expressions